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Just Got Started on My New Job

November 20, 2015

I just now started working on my first job since I graduated from Texas Christian University. I did not get the job that I would have dreamed of having, exactly, but it is a whole lot better than washing dishes or bagging groceries. I did both of those jobs while I was in high school and college. I am not exactly working in the best location for where I am living right now, so I have started working on finding a new place. I have been talking to CPL Texas to see if they can move my account some place else. Of course you get to pick your electric provider in Texas and if you want to pay someone to give you electricity, they are quite likely to give it to you. I have been looking for either a cheap one bedroom place or a two bedroom place, assuming that I can find a roommate to share the cost with me. Obviously I am going to be able to pay a lot less if I am sharing the costs of the place with someone else. Usually you are going to have a difference of around 80 to a hundred dollars between a one bedroom place and an apartment with two bedrooms. So you are going to have the choice of something like 450 dollars per month against around 330 more or less. That would be a big deal for me, especially in the short term. If all goes well I should be in good shape after some time, but for now I am going to need to pinch pennies any place that I am able to do so. It only makes sense if you are going to get a roommate who is going to show up with his share of the rent though.

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