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Got a Job Working for a Dentist

September 25, 2014

In fact I have a job working for a dentist’s kids pretty much. This is not like some poor country dentist either. The guy is the son of a dentist and he is apparently the son of a rich dentist and his Mom is pretty famous, her father was the president of an Insurance company. He has two sons, one is 17 and the other is 15 and they have a band. I am there to manage them, but mostly to watch them and keep them from getting in trouble. They say that can buy Soundcloud downloads now and that is what they are doing, apparently in the belief that this will convince other people to give them a listen. I guess that if you want people to download your music and listen to it the best thing is to make it look as though it is the popular thing to do.

In fact the dentist wants me to play drill sergeant with the boys. He wants them to figure out that this is not going to be a bowl of cherries, then get their butts ready to go to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, get an undergrad degree and then get accepted to the school of dentistry. Of course these people are not dreaming about spending the next fifty years looking in to the mouths of random people like Papa and Grandpa did. That is not the sort of thing that is very exciting. I have not told their Dad this yet, but they actually have a chance to be good. It is not their fault as much as it the fact that they got in with some kids who are pretty good musicians. The rhythm section is actually extremely tight and I know a guy who is interested in stealing them.

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