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Chiropractic Study and Best Mattress Discover

February 1, 2015

Numerous studies have shown that chiropractic can be an effective treatment for patients with low back pain. Now a new report1 has looked further into the effectiveness of chiropractic by comparing it to physical therapy treatment, and, more significantly, studying the long-term benefits of chiropractic as measured by the annual number of office visits.

Chiropractic More Effective Than Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Chiropractic StudyMost studies that look at long-term effects of treatment simply look at self-reported outcomes: level of pain and disability. This study took a different approach. By examining how much care patients sought after the initial study period, they could determine the effect each treatment method had on future health care consumption:

“Care seeking behavior by patients with low back pain is most commonly associated with increased pain and disability, meaning more care is sought when worse symptoms are experienced. The amount of health care utilized may therefore be used as a measure of patient health status, and thus may be compared between groups of patients to determine effectiveness of certain therapies.”

“Proctor et al.2 determined that about 25% of patients with chronic, disabling, work-related musculoskeletal disorders pursue new health care services after completing a course of treatment, and among those who sought additional health care from a new provider, a subgroup of <15% accounted for a disproportionate share of lost worker productivity, more surgical procedures, and ongoing financial disputes. They further stated that in patients with chronic, disabling, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, post-treatment utilization of health care from a new provider is an important dimension of outcome…”

The authors started with 191 patients with low back pain. 107 patients received chiropractic care (flexion/distraction treatment, or FD) and 84 patients received active exercise therapy (EP) from physical therapists. All patients received treatment 2 to 4 times per week for four weeks. The study subjects were then followed for one year to assess outcomes. The authors found:

  • 38% of the FD patients and 54% of the EP patients sought care for their back pain during the one-year follow-up.
  • FD patients had an average of 2.2 visits to a health care provider after the treatment period, while EP patients had an average of 6 visits.

“We hypothesized that there would be no group difference in the average number of visits to any health care provider. The results demonstrated that actually there were significant group differences during the year after trial participation, with a higher number of visits to any health care provider and to a general practitioner in the EP group.”

The authors conclude:

“Based on one-year follow-up data imputed for complete analysis, participants who received physical therapy (exercise program) during a clinical trial attended a higher number of visits to any health care provider and to general practitioners during the year after care when compared to participants who received chiropractic care (flexion distraction) within the trial.”

  1. Cambron JA, Gudavalli MR, McGregor M, et al. Amount of health care and self-care following a randomized clinical trial comparing flexion-distraction with exercise program for chronic low back pain. Chiropractic and Osteopathy 2006:14:19.
  2. Proctor TJ, Mayer TG, Gatchel RJ, McGreary DD: Unremitting health care utilization outcomes of tertiary rehabilitation of patients with chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 2004, 86A:62-69.

Sleep King’s Therapedic Mattresses Outrival The Rest

Starting as a smallish company in the 1970’s, Sleep King produced bedding and upholstery for contractors, designers and hotels. As the company grew, so did the demand for their products, and they began making products for consumers. In 1994 they added Therapedic bedding to their line of products and it has gone on to become a very successful line with many innovations. The latest memory foam technology and Sophisticated production processes have making the Sleep King to be the one of the best mattresses for people who have back pain. The Sleep King Therapedic mattresses are an excellent choice for quality mattresses at affordable prices. Sold at top home furnishing stores, they offer a variety of products to meet the needs of various customers.

Sleep King’s Therapedic Mattress

When it comes to your sleep everyone has certain needs to be met in order for them to get a good night’s rest. Some prefer to have firm support under them, while others like a more flexible sleeping environment. Some like soft and pillowy mattress toppers while others prefer a more streamlined, flat surface. This is why there are so many different mattresses to choose from, but what if you’re sleeping in the same bed with someone else?

Sharing a bed with your partner may seem like it will mean compromise. Either one or the other of you will have to adjust to sleeping in the type of bed the other person prefers. This doesn’t have to be the case, though, and Therapedic has come up with the solution in the form of the Air Touch king mattress.

The AirTouch mattress features a unique airy surface for sleeping on. The foam conforms to the shape of your body, feeling so light that it seems you are sleeping on air. There is no stiffness or bowing of the mattress to make you uncomfortable. Better yet, you can adjust your side of the bed to fit your level of comfort.

Both you and your partner can choose the level of firmness or softness you want out of your mattress. This makes your bed very versatile and removes the need for you to compromise with your partner. Additionally, the foam you are sleeping on absorbs your motion so you can sleep comfortable, adjusting position when necessary, while your partner sleeps on without any disturbance in the movement of the mattress.

Any good mattress will last you long enough that you can have it around for many years. This means that most mattresses don’t stay with the same sleeper their whole life long. Instead, a king mattress may go from the home owner’s bed to becoming the guest bed. When this happens it is again an excellent feature that you can adjust the bed to the sleeper. This way anyone who sleeps on this bed can be comfortable, not matter what their preferences.

The Therapedic mattress offers a level of comfort and innovation that is difficult to match. That’s why Sleep King has outrivaled the competition this time.

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