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Baby Boomers Challenging the Energy Industry

June 26, 2015

Peace and quiet rate high on many Baby Boomers’ lists of priorities. Living more simply calls to them. “Off the grid” was not a phrase most of us were familiar with even ten years ago. If we had heard it, it would have been with fear and loathing that we would have considered living without being connected to a reliable power source. However, these up and coming retirees are often extremely interested in solar panels and battery banks. Energy Conservation (click here to learn more) and personal independence rank high.

In addition, unique designs for homes that circumvent the need for central heating and air conditioning are coming to the fore. The strawbale house is a wonder in temperature economy. Thick walls of dry bales of straw are covered with a “skin”. The one I recently viewed was plastered with a mixture of adobe mud and cement.Contractors and architects are getting on the bandwagon as this trend spreads. Books and seminars on strawbale building are in heavy demand. And then there are the Earth Ships. These are energy-efficient homes dug into hillsides and constructed with great care to offer shelter without messing with the environment. The one I visited looked amazingly cozy.

Our Baby Boomers want a new kind of challenge and most of them are extending it into organic gardening, another science that offers them simplicity and increased wellness. They want to grow what they eat to a great extent. There’s usually plenty of room to do this because they buy acreage not a lot. This movement toward healthy living isn’t carefree, but that’s not what most of them are about. They are willing to work long and hard. You will find, in their strange residences, battery-run, laptop computers! After all, email, like life, must go on! Boomers are making sure that the things that matter to them are included. It’s never been about denial. For lack of a better description, I would call their evolving ethic “creating a challenging simplicity.”

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